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Earn Better: Negotiate Your Salary Like a PRO

Join thousands of women who have negotiated millions of dollars in pay bumps using the P.A.I.D. Method, developed by Ladies Get Paid Founder Claire Wasserman and taught at Harvard Business School, NASA, Fidelity, Microsoft and more.

3 Payments of $165

Don't just take it from us ...

Here's what real women are saying:

“I'm now getting the highest salary I have ever been offered and received a generous relocation package so I am also preparing to buy my first house. I'm so grateful to Claire for the knowledge and encouragement.”

Kat D-P

"I never learned anything about negotiating and I struggle with self-worth issues. I LOVE this course. It gave me the confidence to negotiate for a salary I never would have had the nerve to ask for before, and was exactly what I needed."

Lindsay L

"After taking this course, I feel more so much more confident. I now know how to go into negotiation with a clear sense of my boundaries, and how to speak confidently when telling employers my value to them. RRRROWWWRRR!!!!"

Kiran K

3 Payments of $165

Thousands of women have negotiated millions of dollars in pay bumps with Ladies Get Paid

Stop wasting your earning potential

Now you can become one of the countless women who have transformed their financial futures with the guidance of Ladies Get Paid Founder Claire Wasserman, a pioneer in career advancement and financial empowerment.

3 Payments of $165

Go From Being Underpaid to Being Paid What You Deserve

Women from companies like Nike, Amazon, Meta and J.P. Morgan
have negotiated raises using our proprietary P.A.I.D. Method

3 Payments of $165


How to formulate a strategic plan for long-term career and paycheck growth


How to tell the story of your wins in a way that will resonate and be rewarded


How to demonstrate the impact your work has had on the company's bottom line


How to determine your exact market value so you enter your negotiation with the right information

Payments of $165

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Claire,
Founder of Ladies Get Paid

Robin Roberts called me "The Career Coach Helping Ladies Get Paid." I'm here to be your career cheerleader on your path to success.I've traveled the country, helping thousands of women learn the tools to self-advocate at work and beyond, negotiate millions of dollars of raises, start businesses, and simply enjoy their lives.My passion come from my own struggles with money, leading me to earn a Master’s Certificate in Behavioral Finance & Financial Psychology, and of course, to Founding Ladies Get Paid a community of over 50,000 women.I've shared my expertise at prestigious institutions like Harvard Business School, Microsoft, and NASA. My work on women's equality has been recognized by The White House, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, and I was named Entrepreneur Magazine's 100 Most Powerful Women.My first book, LADIES GET PAID, was published in 2021.

3 Payments of $165

“You rocked my f*cking world with this course and were a huge factor in me seeking a different job, negotiating a 30% base comp increase and a HUGE annual bonus. I couldn’t have done it without you, Claire!”

- Vivian C.

Payments of $165

Why I Created This Course

Are you sick of feeling underpaid and undervalued at work?Are you tired of worrying about your financial future?Does the thought of negotiating your salary make you want to puke or cry?You're not alone.

This doesn’t have to be you.

Before Ladies Get Paid, I worked in recruitment for years.I've led trainings at hundreds of Fortune 500 companies.I’ve seen behind the curtain…Here’s the hard truth:It’s HR’s job to save the company as much money as possible.That can mean paying you the least amount possible.Here's the other hard truth:Women's roles are often undervalued and underestimated.

This course will teach you how to get paid what you deserve.

I packaged all the insights I’ve gathered over the years coaching private clients,And I made it accessible to all through a brand new, 5-hour video course.I'll teach you my methods that turn salary negotiation from something you dread,Into something you celebrate.And of course,GETS YOU THE MONEY YOU'VE EARNED

On average, women who use these methods
negotiate a $15,000 pay bump.

This course won't just teach you to negotiate your salary.It will set you up with skills that you'll use for a lifetime.

This course will teach you how to change your entire career.

Do you want to change the trajectory of your career, and your life?Then this course is for you.

3 Payments of $165

Payments of $165

What's in the course?

Module 1: Mindset

  • Why negotiating makes you look good

  • How to get into a “P.A.I.D. Pro” frame of mind

  • Elements of a successful negotiation

Module 2: Data

  • Factors that impact pricing

  • How to determine your exact market value

  • Package framework to prepare

Module 3: Impact

  • How to quantify your impact - metrics most people miss

  • How to identify your most compelling win

  • How to identify your signature strengths

Module 4: Advocacy

  • How to prepare a strong opening, broken down line by line

  • Techniques to embody and project confidence

  • Map out your answers to a variety of scenarios - no matter what happens, you’ll be ready!

Module 5: Proactive

  • Self-generate career momentum

  • The things you need to do now to ask for a big raise later

  • Maintain a positive relationship with your manager that will lead to your raise and promotion

Payments of $165

“I've never learned anything about negotiation and I struggle with self-worth issues. I LOVE this course, it's exactly what I needed to ask for a raise with confidence!"

Becca Z

Payments of $165

Not sure if you need this course?

Here's 3 reasons why it's important to crush your salary negotiation:

1. The Gender Wage GapThe reason we started teaching Salary Negotiation in the first placeWhile the wage gap will take over a century to close at it's current paceYou can at least close your own personal gap2.Financial SecurityWomen who negotiate using our methods on average earn a $15,000 pay bumpIf you invest that $15,000 at an average 7% return...That $15,000 will be worth $114,000 in 30 years(Making this course a VERY GOOD INVESTMENT with a 30,545.16% ROI!)Cool trick, huh?3. Career AdvancementNegotiating salary is about the moneyBut it's also about your long term careerPart of negotiating your salary is demonstrating your abilities to managementAnd with more money, comes more opportunities for growth, more leadership, and more upward mobility for your career

Payments of $165

What's In The Course

What comes with the course

Video Instruction

5.5 hours of expert instruction and over 200 slides taught by Ladies Get Paid Founder Claire Wasserman.


100+ page workbook will guide you through all the course exercises and help you prepare for your next negotiation. Twice as much as any other course like this!

Common Scenarios

A list of the most common salary negotiation scenarios and how to address each of them so you won't face any surprises during your negotiation.


22 scripts that will teach you exactly what to say during your salary negotiation, whether you're negotiating your pay in a new role, or asking for a raise at your current job.

Payments of $165

What You'll Get

6 Hours of Instruction

$2700 value

86 Page Workbook

$125 value

200+ Slide Deck

$97 value

22 Scripts

$49 value

Most Common Salary Negotiation Scenarios List

$14 value

BONUS: Live negotiation coaching with Claire recording

$450 value


Our Price: 3 Payments of $165

"This course is incredibly insightful. I got so much out of it that I spent most of last night reexamining my notes and replayin my favorite sections."

Taylor B

"This was my first hardcore negotiation and not only did I get the job, I got the compensation my skills deserve.”

Lisa M

3 Payments of $165

Just ONE negotiation can make a six-figure difference in your financial future

This course will get you there

Ready to unlock your earning potential and advocate for your worth?Start your journey today with our Earn Better: How to Negotiate Your Salary Like a Pro Course.

3 Payments of $165

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